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1. Users.
The rules described in this section apply to all visitors and users of website (hereinafter — the Site). Thus, the Owner of the Site and the companies partners (further in the text of the contract — the Companies.) reserves the right to change the present rules at any time, to cancel and supplement them. By visiting the Site (including any of its pages) you confirm that you are familiar with the following information and rules of visiting the Site.

2.The Copyright Clause.
You are hereby notified that all rights, including copyright for the database and the Site are owned by the Site Owner or used in accordance with applicable law. Any names, images, emblems, names of products and services are registered trade marks and cannot be used without written consent of the Rightholder. The materials, texts and images contained on the site are permitted for use solely for educational, personal, non-commercial purposes. Using the materials contained on the Site for any other purpose is prohibited!

The owner of the Site makes the greatest efforts, that the information and the materials placed on a Site, always were actual, exact and complete. All materials stated on the Site are provided "AS IS", without any guarantee as to the accuracy of the information provided, and without violating any of your rights established by law. In particular, we cannot guarantee that the Site will be uninterrupted, virus-free or error-free. The owner of the Site, under no circumstances assumes any liabilities for damage or losses (obvious and indirect), which can be caused by use of the materials placed on the Site. The materials placed on the Site are not official documents unless it is expressly specified otherwise. If you are under 18 years old — leave the Site as it may contain specific information, which may offend (affect, hurt and/or affect) your world view / religious feelings and so on and so forth.

Personal user data is not collected, processed or stored by the Site Owner.

4.Links to other websites.
Hereby the Owner of the Site notifies Site Users that hyperlinks to other web-sites, existing on the Site, are not under control of the Owner of the Site. By clicking on them, Site User acts at his own risk.

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