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About me

Iskandar Kadyrov
A bright, creative and charismatic person. A natural organizer - capable of inspiring and guiding. A goal-oriented leader with a non-trivial mindset, making clear decisions and acting without hesitation. A change agent who combines the experience of professionals with the talent of young people. Constantly learning and evolving. Creator - creating a great future without limits. Surprising and never ceasing to amaze. Passionate about the performing arts, cinematography, functional design and architecture. Holder of design and trademark patents. Author of original ideas and projects of national and international level. He travels a lot, loves to get to know new places and people.
short biography

Short biography

Iskandar Kadyrov
Iskandar Kadyrov was born in 1976 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) in the family of Imindzhan Kadyrov, Minister of Education of the USSR (Academician of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR).
In 1993, he graduated from the Polytechnic Secondary School of the Moscow Region (Russia).
In 1997, he graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the Moscow Institute of Entrepreneurship and Law, specializing in finance and banking.
He built his professional career in such commercial companies as: OST Group (brand: Drinks from Chernogolovka), the representative office of the Estonian textile concern in Russia, Synergenta Group, and was also a member of the Board of Directors of Battery Team.

In 2005, Iskandar Kadyrov founded an advertising and communications group, VOGUEAGENCY.RU, whose clients included Russian and foreign commercial and state companies. In the same year he headed the creative house ISKA.

In October 2015 at the XXIII International Exhibition "NECROPOL-TANEXPO World Russia" with a resounding success was presented a new concept of funeral "Journey to Eternity" and a collection of designer biodegradable coffins VOYAGER, developed by Iskandar Kadyrov and presented by VOYAGER Coffins and Caskets.

In addition to commercial projects Iskandar Kadyrov turned his passion for the entertainment industry - into a business. He worked with the Russian State Theatre "Satirikon" named after Arkady Raikin, and was also invited to work as Deputy Director of the Moscow Drama Theatre "Stanislavsky" (now "Electroteatr"). Special projects developed by Iskandar Kadyrov made an invaluable contribution and support socially significant initiatives in the field of culture and art.

Among the most significant projects of Iskandar Kadyrov are:

Russian national award in the field of entertainment and leisure industry Russian Entertainment Awards - Author of the original idea / project manager;

Social information campaign RED RIBBON AIDS RUSSIA in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region of EECA (EECA). The campaign is part of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and promotes the joint efforts of society, the media and the entertainment industry in counteracting the spread of HIV/AIDS (HIV/AIDS) - Idea author / Project manager;

International Student Theatre Festival STANISLAVSKY. BEGINNING (together with Russian Institute of Theatre Arts GITIS) - Author of the original idea / General producer;

Official cancellation ceremony of anniversary postage stamp and envelope timed to the 150th anniversary of the outstanding Russian theater director, actor, teacher, theorist and theater reformer Konstantin Stanislavsky (together with RUSSIAN POST) - Originator / General producer;

A cycle of creative evenings VISITING STANISLAVSKY with Andron Konchalovsky and [Valery Belyakovich] - Author of the original idea / General producer;

BELIEVE IT | DO IT— concert-action was timed to coincide with World AIDS Day on December 1st. The action was held with the participation of Russian and foreign pop stars, culture and sports under the support of the UN Moscow Office, the UN Radio and Information Center in Moscow, WHO, UNAIDS, and with the participation of diplomatic and consular missions in the Russian Federation;

All-Russian Prize in Public Procurement GOSCONTRACT - Original idea creator / General producer;

To the 125th anniversary of Marina Tsvetaeva — Sympho-drama Tsvetaeva-GALA with Mariya ARONOVA and Svetlanov State Academic Symphony Orchestra of Russia - Author of the original idea / General producer.