Producer and author of the original idea Iskandar Kadyrov


I was his first love,
and he seems to be my last…

TsvetaevaGALA Partners

Musical and dramatic performance

the author of the original idea,
the general producer and
Iskandar Kadyrov

Musical and dramatic performance
2 hours (with intermission)
Svetlanovsky Hall of the Moscow International Performing Arts Center
World Premiere — November 27, 2017
She is a brilliant poet Marina Tsvetaeva, that summer she was 34 years old. Her correspondent and lover are Nikolai Gronsky, an 18-year-old young man from a professorial family of emigrants, and an aspiring poet. Tsvetaeva wrote from a resort town in the south of France, she was looking forward to the arrival of her beloved and was happy. He answered from Paris with the ardor of a poet in love. Young Gronsky was not inferior to Marina either in the strength of affection, the level of intelligence, or nobility. In the letters, the interlocutors appear in many guises: as lovers, friends, mother and son, mentors, and disciples. "I was his first love, and he seems to be my last," Marina will write later.
Beautiful, stormy, and diverse music is an important part of this amazing dialogue. She is the inner world of the characters, their experiences, and hopes, as well as an independent magnitude of the huge scale of events taking place right now on the stage between the characters. The production will feature works by Mozart, Bach, Chopin, Ravel, and Vivaldi, as well as Eric Satie and Alfred Schnittke.


People’s Artist of the Russian Federation

Svetlanov Russia State Academic Symphony Orchestra

The State Orchestra has represented Russian art in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Denmark, Italy, Canada, China, Lebanon, Mexico, New Zealand, the USA, Thailand, France, Switzerland, South Korea, Japan, and many other countries. The orchestra’s concerts were held at the most famous concert venues in the world, including the BZK, KZCH, GKD, Carnegie Hall in New York, Kennedy Center in Washington, Musikverein in Vienna, Albert Hall in London, Pleyel in Paris, Colon National Opera House in Buenos Aires, Suntory Hall in Tokyo.
Tsvetaev's Symphonic Drama GALA
Audience reviews from the world premiere of
Tsvetaev's musical drama GALA
A magnificent performance, subtle, touching, and warm! And very modern!!! Many thanks to the performers and organizers!
- Irina Ulybina
"The wonderful acting of the actors, both mother, and son, are great! Maria Aronova in a dramatic role is as good as in her comedic roles, she knows how to keep the hall with her energy! And a live symphony orchestra gives such a surge of emotions! Each melody touches different strings of the soul) I liked the premiere!!!"
- Svetlana Konovalova
"Laughter, goosebumps, a lump in the throat, tears, a sea of emotions… And all this — Maria Aronova, accompanied by the State Academic Symphony Orchestra of Russia named after E.F. Svetlanov"
— Den Tsukanov
An amazing concert by the power of emotions!!!
When you see the actors' eyes, their emotions… tears-you feel everything they want to convey!
To tears… to the point of trembling. up to a coma in the throat!!!
Incredible impressions!!!
Thank you very much!!!
— Irina Karaseva
##Tsvetaevaglava. A love story with beautiful music and a sad ending. Let love rule the world. Never part with your loved ones! Thank you #Mariyaronova and #Vladislavgandrabura for a wonderful evening. #house music #art #poetry.
— Isabella Ledeneva
Revelations in letters, subtly shaded by music, male and female, low and high, strength and weakness, history, of which there are many. I didn’t know anything about Tsvetaeva except for poems — honest, touching frankness with myself and the addressee. And about life just a little. I’ve only heard their story with her husband, but I don’t know the story with the "little" Knee. When talking to my mother, I will ask for details, and if necessary, I will read the biography. Maria Aronova is amazing in herself, and in the image of Tsvetaeva she is amazing: sincere, direct, open, sharp, full of opposites, knowing what she wants and achieving it, feeling, suffering, and loving. And so harmoniously, so truthfully… The State Academic Symphony Orchestra of Russia is named after Svetlanova — the performance is as always on top, the music is chosen beautifully, and to see your favorite musicians in summer clothes is so unexpected and warm) PS And, of course, MMDM is a long-awaited acquaintance, I was sure until the middle of the day that I was going to MDM I was corrected in time)) The "pot" inside is beautiful, the view from the windows is gorgeous, the hall is bright, and the chairs are comfortable and very cozy. PPS It’s a pity that real letters are so rare nowadays.
- Olga Myskina
Thank you very much! I liked it, a very touching combination of music. And Aronova liked it!)
- Valery Shvaenko
"Some, after watching my stories, eagerly asked what was so interesting that I went to the International House of Music on Monday. ???You can’t call it a play or a concert, a show or a performance sounds pathetic and ridiculous… It is difficult to find the right definition, perhaps the performance will be the most successful name for the "Tsvetaeva Gala".
I thought it would be an ordinary literary evening in honor of the 125th anniversary of Tsvetaeva’s birth: reading poems, stories from her biography, memoirs of contemporaries… To be honest, Marina Ivanovna is far from my favorite poet: her work is alien to me, her love relationships with men and women cause misunderstanding, and her final act — suicide in evacuation in Yelabuga — bewilderment. She has a husband, children, and a sister…
But on Monday evening I decided to "get out of my comfort zone" and go to Tsvetaeva: invitations to the only show, seats in the front row, and even with Maria Aronova in the title role, why not?
The inimitable Maria Aronova and her equally talented son Vladislav Gandrabura, accompanied by a symphony orchestra, opened a new page in Tsvetaeva’s life for me.
He is 18, he is an aspiring poet, very secretive and original. She is 34 — she is a famous poet whose poems are permeated with homesickness, thoughts of death, and loneliness… They met in Paris, in exile, he came to her for a book and remained in her life forever — in letters. ✉️ Messages filled with passion and tenderness, intellectual humor and screaming pain, care and so reverently cherished desire to spend a warm September by the sea together.
But fortune decreed otherwise: "the two of them were never destined to be free." He was 25 when he was hit by a train, she was 48 when she passed away, outliving him by 7 years. Their correspondence was published quite recently — "Tsvetaeva M., Gronsky N. A few heartbeats" and is available to everyone today.
Well, I’ve been full of thoughts about the Tsvetaeva Gala for 3 days, the tabs on the phone are full of her last name, and a trip to the poetess’s museum is planned in the calendar."
— ya_spirina


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