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Red Ribbon brings together community efforts and private partnerships for a common cause in HIV/AIDS prevention.


The Red Ribbon Social Media Campaign in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) is part of the UNAIDS movement and promotes the unification of society, media, and entertainment in the fight against AIDS


In addition, Red Ribbon attracts all concerned people to participate in informational events to increase tolerance for people living with HIV.
Since the launch of this social media campaign in 2010, we have hosted annual informational and community events that feature stars from the music, theater, film, and beauty industries, as well as community leaders as messengers and advocates for efforts to reduce the risk of HIV transmission.
For World AIDS Day, entertainment stars from Russia and the CIS came out with the appeal:
Believe and Do
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About the "Believe and Do" concert
On November 30, 2012, a concert-action against AIDS under the motto "Believe and Do" took place in Moscow. Among the organizers of the concert were the organizing committee of the Russian National Entertainment and Leisure Industry Awards, the Runway Charitable Foundation, and the international television and radio network TBN.
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For World AIDS Day, entertainment stars from Russia and the CIS came out with the appeal: "Believe and Do
In the Russian capital, a concert-action in support of the social information campaign "Red Ribbon" under the motto "Believe and Do" took place on the stage of the Stanislavsky Drama Theater. The concert was attended by stars of the entertainment industry, as well as figures of theater and cinema from Russia and the CIS.
Concert-action was timed to December 1 - World AIDS Day - and took place on November 30 in the framework of the VI official ceremony of announcing the winners of the Russian National Award RUSSIAN ENTERTAINMENTAWARDS-2012. As a special nomination "Person of the Year" was given to Nikolai Drozdov, TV presenter and public figure, and recently Goodwill Ambassador of the Yasuni-ITT Initiative, whose public activities inspire millions of people in Russia and CIS countries. The Organizing Committee of the Social Information Campaign "Red Ribbon" also received special awards for its support of informational propaganda of HIV prevention and reduction of stigma and discrimination:

Anastasia Minkova, a reporter for the global publication Metro, for her contribution to informational support of the "RED Ribbon" campaign. The Metro newspaper was the first information edition in Russia and the CIS, which devoted a special issue on December 1, 2010 with a cover of the ambassador of the "RED Ribbon" campaign - Vera Brezhneva.

Serge Golovach is a professional photographer - for the creation of the "STARS AGAINST AIDS" photo-project. Serge Golovach was the first Russian photographer to initiate a project with the participation of stars of the entertainment industry, which included popular artists, actors, publicists, critics and many others.

Evgeny Voronin is a professor, M.D., for his selfless service to children. He is the person who pioneered the fight against childhood HIV infection in Russia, the chief doctor at the Republican Clinical Hospital for Infectious Diseases and the Russian Center for Pregnant Women and Children with HIV infection, located near Saint Petersburg.

The guests who came to hold the concert in Moscow were greeted on the red carpet by the secular reporter Pavel Mavridy and photomodel Ekaterina Rechkina. The concert was attended by ambassadors of foreign diplomatic missions, employees of the national health care system, representatives of non-profit and humanitarian organizations, entertainment stars from Russia and CIS countries, as well as representatives of the beauty industry and European fashion houses such as OVS, BoomBap and L'Oreal.

Leaders of the concert-action in support of the appeal "Believe and Do" were one of the most beautiful girls in Russia and the owner of the title "Vice-Miss Universe" Vera Krasova and TV presenter Anton Zorkin. "Believe and Do" is a call to do everything possible to reduce new HIV infections among children to zero by 2015.

The band "Ivan Kupala", the Russian queen of blues Ms. Victoria Pierre-Marie, artists of the Stanislavsky Drama Theater and students of GITIS supported this call with their performances. The concert was also attended by the Globalis Symphony Orchestra, R&B singer SunnyCooks, soul singer Viktoria Belova, showman Prokhor Shalyapin, singer Paskal, singer MarKa, Russian dance music maestro Dj Fenix and singer Julia Lasker, who received a special award from MTV Ukraine in the framework of the international project "MTV Staying Alive" for her help and contribution to the informational promotion of HIV prevention in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

The popular Ukrainian pop singer Vlad Darvin represented the CIS countries at the concert, while Moldova was represented by the finalist of the Eurovision 2012 song contest DARA. Popular Kyrgyz singer Kanykey and young and bright representative of Uzbek pop-stage Jasur Mirsagatov were among star envoys from Central Asia. All of them are ambassadors of the Regional Youth Team "Red Ribbon", which took part in the promotion of information campaign "Live to Mean Action" at the European Football Championship Euro 2012.

UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway delivered a special address at the concert in Moscow, highlighting that young people can and must play a key role in the AIDS response in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. In her address, Her Royal Highness pointed out that leadership that shapes public opinion, including that of peers, can play an important role in social change, including the removal of prejudice and stigma associated with HIV.

In addition, with their colorful performance the motto of the concert-action "Believe and Do" was supported by the most beautiful girls in Russia and the winners of the National Beauty Contest "Miss Russia" of the past years Oksana Fedorova, Irina Antonenko, Tatiana Kotova, Svetlana Koroleva, who performed a joint musical composition titled "This World" with the children's choir "Jelsomino".
The concert was supported by MTV Ukraine, YouTube channel ELLOTV, UN Radio, TBN, Metro International newspaper, Ukrainian analytical business publication The Kiev Times, and the UN Information Center in Moscow.The initiative to hold the concert action in Moscow was taken by the Organizing Committee of the Social Information Campaign "REDLINE" under the Directorate of the Russian annual national award RUSSIANENTERTAINMENTAWARDS, the Moscow Drama Theater named after K.S. Stanislavsky, the All-Russian Association of People Living with HIV, supported by AYOR, the UN Office in the Russian Federation and the United Nations Joint Program. The campaign was supported by AYOR, the United Nations Office in the Russian Federation and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (UNAIDS).
Vladimir Pozner, Nikolai Drozdov, Tatiana Lazareva; winners of Miss Russia 2010, 2011 and 2012; singers Valeria, Vera Brezhneva, Diana Gurtskaya, Julia Lasker, Albina Janabaeva; as well as ballet dancer Nikolai Tsiskaridze, actor Vladimir Kazantsev (Zaza Napoli), showmen Ivan Traore, Viktor Lobintsov and musician John Forte.
  • Vladimir Posner
  • Vera Brezhnev
    Singer and public figure
  • Николай Дроздов
  • Albina Dzhanabayeva
    Singer and public figure
  • Ivan Traore
  • Nikolai Tsikaridze
    Ballet dancer, Rector of the Vaganova Academy
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