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Anniversary concert
of the State Academic Igor Moiseev
Folk Dance Ensemble

Historical Stage of The State Academic Bolshoi Theatre of Russia
Igor Moiseyev State Academic Ensemble of Popular Dance ConcertIn honor of the 80th anniversary of foundation.

Igor Moiseyev Ballet - 80

The world's first professional choreographic company, engaged in artistic interpretation and promotion of dance folklore of the peoples of the world.
Jubilee in the best traditions of government concerts on the historical stage of the State Academic Bolshoi Theater of Russia!
Among the guests of the closed gala evening are high-ranking officials, representatives of the creative intelligentsia and other distinguished guests.

Igor Moiseyev Ballet - 80

March 16, 2017. Moscow. Bolshoi Theatre of Russia. Historical scene

Media about Igor Moiseyev Ballet:
The New York Times
John Martin
The ballet is beyond competition!
Moskovsky Komsomolets
Ева Меркачева
It's something to be proud of!
The Telegraph
Anita Singh
Gala evening will present the most famous dances staged by Igor Moiseyev such as Russian dance Summer, Suite Greek dance Sirtaki, Suite of Moldavian Dances and others.
The first section of the concert:

Russian dance "Summer".
Arranged by S. Halperin, V. Zhmykhov
Choreography by Igor Moiseyev

Kalmykian dance
Arranged by P. Rybakov
Choreography by Igor Moiseyev

Greek Dance Suite Sirtaki
Music by M. Theodorakis
Choreography by Igor Moiseyev

A suite of Moldavian dances
"Ciocirlia", "Joc".
Arranged by D. Fedov
Choreography by Igor Moiseyev

Chinese dance with ribbons
Arranged by B. Karamyshev
Choreography by Igor Moiseyev

The Belarusian dance Kryzhachok
Choreography by Igor Moiseyev

Arranged by V. Ovchinnikov
Choreography by Igor Moiseyev
The second part of the concert:

Choreographic picture "Football".
Arranged by A. Zfasman
Choreography by Igor Moiseyev

Adyghe dance Tlyapatet (premiere)
Folk music
Choreography by Aslan Khadjaev

Sicilian tarantella
Arranged by S. Halperin
Choreography by Igor Moiseyev

Korean dance Trio
Folk music
Choreography by Bae Eun-soo

Venezuelan dance "Horopo"
Arranged by A. Gus
Choreography by Igor Moiseyev

Aragonese chota
Music by M. Glinka, arranged by N. Nekrasov
Choreography by Igor Moiseyev

Argentine Shepherd Dance Gaucho
Arranged by N. Nekrasov
Choreography by Igor Moiseyev

Fragment from the Naval suite "Day on the Ship
Arranged by S. Halperin, V. Zhmikhov

There may be additions and changes to the evening's program due to the official part and television shoot.
Please note that admission to the theater will be cut off 10 minutes before the start of the concert.
Please bring your ID card.

Age Limit 12+

Regardless of the declared age limit
children under ten (10) years of age will be admitted to the evening performances!

If a spectator presents tickets that do not conform to the prescribed pattern or tickets in which corrections have been made, they may be denied admission to the performance.

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Dress code

At all times, going to the theater was a festive occasion. The ladies dressed up in their best evening gowns, and their gentlemen wore tuxedos and tuxedos. Nowadays, no one demands a strict dress code from the public visiting the Bolshoi Theater. In the frantic pace of Moscow life one most often can only visit the theater after work, not having the opportunity to change into the dressing room on the day off. That is why you can make do with a quite democratic form of clothing. But do not cross the line: in shorts, a man in the auditorium will not let, and women, in our opinion, it makes more sense to try on a different outfit. Especially since you have to be prepared for the fact that even now there may be people in the most worthless evening gowns, especially if it's a holiday concert!
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Moiseyev Ensemble presents a holiday program at the Bolshoi Theater